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Prey first foray into the shuttle bay

Hello everybody

Entering the shuttle bay you’ll notice right away mimics and a technopath, so ahead and to the right is the sky lounge where I went and fought the technopath from. There was a few mimics hiding in there but once they are taken care of it’s a good place to fight from. I waited till the technopath came around and threw an emp to immobilize it and finished it with the Q-beam. ( the video seems to start buffering at the 5:35 mark just as the tachnopath dies so you might have to skip ahead just a wee bit and it’ll start playing again, I think it’s a you tube issue)

With the techno gone I started to go through the shuttle bay. I hacked into the pilots lounge and in there is the key card for the shuttle control room as well as other goodies.

The info booth has more loot and the computer which I had a little trouble with only had a map, personnel list, and an email.

In the escape pod bay there are a few mimics and Frank Jones will ask for your help  with the explosive bolts on their launch tube plus the usual loot.

At this point you can pretty much explore the rest of the shuttle bay unhampered.

Thanks for watching

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