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Prey from arming key to the end

Hello everybody

This is the last video of the game, so the first thing I had to do was fabricate an arming key. I met no resistance on the way to see Alex. While I was talking with Alex  the typhon broke through into the station and gravity was lost. So I grabbed Alex and brought him back into his safe room.

I decided to destroy the station and for that I had to travel back to life support and then down to reactor control. The good news is that the turrets now see the military operators as enemies and will shoot them.

On the way to the power plant I met a couple of weavers and cystoids, but the turrets helped to get rid of them. The rest of the way to the reactor console was pretty much clear. Once at the control console I inserted both keys and flipped the switches.

Now I had to travel back to the bridge. When I got there Alex was arguing with January so I waited to see what would happen and Alex was starting to lose it so  I stunned him. I didn’t really have to stun him, but if you don’t he’ll shoot January.

Then it was time to initiate the self destruct and make my way back to the shuttle. It was all clear until I entered the shuttle bay and when I did I found at least 2 voltaic phantoms so I baited one and ran to the other one and shot him a couple of times and then continued to the shuttle entrance. Once inside the shuttle you’ll be safe. The rest is cut scenes.

I played this game on the nightmare difficulty and didn’t use any typhon abilities.

Thanks for watching

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