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Prey hardware lab Dr. Calvino part 1

Hello everybody

In the first part of the hardware lab I took the turret upstairs to Jorgen Thostein’s office with the key card that I got from him in the previous part of the game and used it the help take out the phantom in the next room. At this point in the you can take out the phantoms fairly easily if you are careful and use a combination of gloo gun, explosive canisters and/or the shotgun. In the demonstration stage I completely avoided Clive Lawrence and looted the neuromod from the briefcase. In the machine shop the corrupted operators can be a challenge especially when there’s 2 or more of them, luckily there is an engineering operator that you can request that repairs your suit. up on the roof room that is blocked by boxes there is a recycler and a fabricator.

Thanks for watching

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