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Prey Hunter Hale and attempted escape

Hello everybody

Made a trip outside to find Hunter Hale and the shuttle, slow going so I skipped ahead in the video. Once you’re in the shuttle and want to open the cargo hold you don’t have to waste spare parts on the control the door can be forced open and the long trip was worth it for the ammo the 2 neuromods.

After the shuttle it’s the explosive bolts on the hatch, once again I skipped ahead. I found using the gloo cannon on the cystoids saves on ammo. The explosive bolts can be removed with the wrench without taking any damage.

Back inside I headed for the mechanics facilities where the control for the grav shaft is and a recycler and fabricator in the back room.

With the grav shaft operating I headed to the escape pod bay and launch the escape pod and in return was told about some loot.

On the way to the reward there was of course a nightmare but there’s always a place where the nightmare can’t get at you. Now it’s just a matter of following the marker for the reward and get it which I had a little trouble climbing up but eventually got it.

Thanks for watching


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