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Prey Kaspar

Hello everybody

With Dahl taken out of action it was time to disable his bad robot Kaspar and to do that I had to travel back to the neuromod division. I discovered a whole herd of military operators in the lobby and my only option was to run and hide in the bathroom. After destroying  a few of them I was able to go up to my office to resupply before heading into the neuromod division.

As soon as I entered the division I just ran into the skill recorder room to get away from the technopathe. Then I broke the window to get into the control room and that allowed me to go around into the research and design and simulation labs. As I made my way to Kaspar’s location I ran into 3 more military operators. With the operators out of the way all that was left was to use the disruptor and stun Kaspar and finish it with the wrench. It was a good thing that I took care of Dahl first because Kaspar  was calling him for help.

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