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Prey Life Support

Hello everybody

I  was done for now in the lobby so I traveled down to life support. There is a phantom lurking around just inside the entrance but if you don’t rush in he’ll go around the corner so you can go and get the broken turret and bring it back to the entrance and repair it. Once the first phantom is taken care of  you can advance and clear the cystoids from the medical bay and get some medical attention. The key card for security is under the bathroom and you’ll have to remove a grate to access it. Inside the security station is another turret and later on down below is a 3rd turret.

Inside atmospheric control you’ll have to stop the fans and remove the debris that is jamming # 3 fan. I ran decontamination cycle but I couldn’t get into room in the control room or the oxygen flow control but those key cards will be up ahead somewhere I suspect.

Thanks for watching

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