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Prey power plant and helping Mikhaila

Hello everybody

Checking out the power plant but this time there are no turrets around and the first room on the left is the power monitoring room and every time you go in there the poltergeist appears in different locations, luckily it picked me up and I was able to walk and jump to the other side. On the ceiling you can take your time and take out the cystoids below before jumping down and fighting the poltergeist. As soon as I jumped down the poltergeist appeared in front of me so a couple of shotgun blasts quickly did the trick.

Next I went down the gravlift to the coolant chamber. In the main area is a couple of corrupted operators and in the storage room there are quite a few mimics. There’s  a neuromod on the floor in the corner. If you have leverage III you can move the tote to expose a hole in the floor with another neuromod at the bottom. There are no phantoms so once the operators are taken care of you can freely explore.

Talia Brooks is sitting down against the wall but it hard to see her because there is a fire there. Once the fire is out there is a key card for the next area and another neuromod among her loot.

In the next are is an office, medical bay and an airlock. In the office you’ll find another 3 neuromods and Mikhaila Ilyushin on the floor unable to move so she tells you of her medicine in her office. To get to her office you have to go through the air lock but first I upgraded the Q-Beam which is now turning out to be quite powerful against technopaths and the like. There is another 3 neuromods in the hall and office.

Return to the office inside and give Mikhaila a shot and she’ll eventually go to your office,

Thanks for watching

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