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Prey reactor and Jean Faure

Hello everybody

Heading into the reactor and looking for Jean Faure, but first I had to take care of a few bad actors and if you take you time you’ll be able to clear them out. Luckily there is a medical bay just upstairs. While I was upstairs getting fixed up I went into the security station and selected the located Jean Faure  on the computer, this makes it easier to find where she is.

You can then head into the power station which again has all the enemies and more. A careful recon and destroy mission will clear them all out. After the last 2 phantoms are gone you can use the medical bay and you’ll be ready to advance into the reactor control.

Once you enter the reactor go all the way to the right and there will be a maintenance hatch behind the cage wall. At this point I killed the phantom that was in the maintenance area so I could climb up to the hatch without having to fight it at the same time. Then I went down one level  and to the right to where there is  a door that you can open  and started to climb up using my gloo cannon, it’s a tricky thing and it took me a few tries but I finally made it up to the hatch. Inside there will be one more mimic and at the end of the maintenance area you will find Jean Faure and some loot. Two neuromods and a keycard for atmospheric control.

Thanks for watching

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