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Prey resetting the reactor

Hello everybody

It was  time to reset the reactor so the first thing to do is to enter the control room and begin the reset procedure. You’ll have to enter the core to replace or repair a divertor  before you  can complete the reset. With the divertor fixed head back into the control room and resume the process. When the rest is complete there will be 2 technopaths that appear and a couple of  corrupted operators, so I took up station under the control room and fought them from there with EMP’S and the Q Beam. After the first Techno was gone I repaired a turret which helped a lot. With the room clear you can collect all the loot and head back upstairs but when you try to go into the coolant chamber you’ll find pipes leaking hydrogen from 3 locations. At this point I upgraded my gloo cannon and was able to plug all three leaks. If you try to shoot the phantoms before the gas leaks are sealed there will be fire and you will die. With the gas cleared you can go around and clear the chamber and start heading back to life support.

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