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Prey scanning coral

Hello everybody

I had to go out side to find and scan the a couple of coral nodes. Travel in space is painfully slow so I sped the video up a few times. As I approached the node locations I came upon a technopath so with a careful approach and taking cover behind some structure I was able to get close enough to take it out with the Q-Beam.  With it out of the way I continued to the location but there was 2 corrupted operators  and because I didn’t want to waste ammo on them I used the gloo cannon and wrench to take care of them.

Just inside the door at the first location there was 2 weavers and a corrupted operator. After I scanned the first node I continued going in and I found a supply cabinet on  the wall that had 1 neuromod as well as other loot in it. Above the cabinet there is a maintenance access panel marked with a red light, On the other side down and to the left is Mariana Arias and a Q-beam. I had to go back through the hatch that I came in through and pretty much straight ahead there is an access to the outside that lit up in red and to the right of that is the second node location. With the scans complete I headed back inside

Thanks for watching

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