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Prey treasure hunt reward

Hello everybody

To collect the treasure hunt reward you’ll have to travel back to crew quarters. Right at the  entrance on the other side of the broken electrical junction I ran into a weaver that I took care of with the Q-beam and to my surprise the little cystoids were eliminated by the electrical bolts that came from the broken junction. Continuing on to crew quarters I ran into a voltaic phantom.

There are a few phantoms inside crew quarters but nothing too difficult to deal with since there is a medical bay just at the bottom of the stairs and I had some turrets upstairs.

Once I was in Abigail’s room the combo that worked for me was 3156. It didn’t tell me what my reward was so I didn’t know until I went to the kitchen to use the fabricator. It turned out to be the adventurers tool kit which is a chip set which enhances recycler yield,critical hit chance with the wrench, and flash light. With the reward collected I headed back to the aboretum and on to deep storage to find the file on Mikhaila’s father  and since I didn’t want her to know what kind of monster I was I deleted it.

Thanks for watching

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