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Prey uploading scan data and deactivating my bracelet

Hello everybody

Went up to Alex’s office to upload the data but it was interrupted by Kasper and military operators started to appear, and I think they just keep coming so killing them all is not really an option, but I could be wrong. Any way I had to get rid of  a few to be able to move around with relative freedom.

Deep storage was full of enemies so I just ran past them and up stairs to Danielle Sho’s office. From there I got rid of a few operators and deactivated my bracelet. I left deep storage the same way I just ran past everything and back to the arboretum.

The Arboretum was also full of enemies so I went straight for the loading bay and luckily there was the maintenance tunnel to the left as you come in the door at the top of the stairs that I was able to run into and be safe from everything. The nightmare in the arboretum did a lot of damage to one on the corrupted operators and I finished it with 1 pistol  shot. The other corrupted operator in the loading bay I got with the gloo cannon and wrench and with those 2 gone I could stay there and regroup.

Thanks for watching

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