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Prey Walther Dahl

Hello everybody

It was time to go and take care of Walther Dahl so that meant traveling to life support.  Operators block the main route to the exit so I went around and avoided them all together. I guess the operators from the trauma center got out into the lobby but I didn’t deal with them I just out ran then to the elevator.

Once in life support and the clock ticking there is a nightmare , I think, down the stairs which I dispatched with the Q-Beam. There are a lot of operators and you think that you won’t make it in time but there is a medical bay you can run back to to get fixed up. I used emp charges and the wrench to destroy all of them.

I wanted to enter the maintenance hatch at the back of the oxygen flow control room so after destroying one last operator I make a gloo cannon walk way up to the hatch. I made it into the room with 7:30 left on the timer. I probably could have been a little more careful and not let Dahl see me but I was able to incapacitate him non the less.

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