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Shotcut Separating Audio Clips From Videos 2022

Hello everybody.

Shotcut is what I use to encode and export my gaming videos. I wanted to be able to take my past videos and export audio clips from them and save them in a different location. The normal way to do this, from the videos I’ve watched, is to split the section you want in the time line and export changing time line to source. I got this to work once but all the other attempts lead to exporting the whole video audio . I discovered that I could isolate the section of audio between 2 splits and delete everything else, then export using the time line setting. You’ll want to use one of the presets on the left under the audio heading, I used acc. After the audio clip is exported you can restore the video to what it was when you first started by the edit/ undo or Ctrl+Z . This will work on first time edits or previously edited videos. I hope this was useful.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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