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SOMA Tau to Phi

Hello everybody

On the lower level where you come into Tau is a few rooms that you can go into. One of them on the left as you down the hall is dark so after I open the door with the multiple locks I hide in the dark room until  old squid face goes by, then as he’s going the opposite way I go through the multiple lock door , turn left at the red light and on the left  by another red light  is another multiple lock door. Open that door and immediately turn around and go toward the light of the window, turn right open the door go through to a door on the left enter the room and open the other door , on the other side of the door is the other spot you can hide that squid face wont see you most of the time even if he walks past you. Once the coast is clear head back the way you came to the second multiple lock door , at the end of the hall is the door that leads to the ladder up to the level above. Once you reach here the pressure will be off and there will be no more crazy bots to harass you. All that’s left is to find the ark and load it into the shuttle to transport it to Phi.

Thanks for watching

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