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System Shock Remake Alpha Quadrant to Delta Quadrant level 1

Elevator Level 1 Medical

Hello everybody.

Starting out in the Central Hub in Delta Quadrant by the Power Station I first returned to the small control room across from it on the lower level to collect loot and ammo that I overlooked when I was there before.

Back out in the Delta Quadrant make your way to the entrance to Alpha, take up a position on the left of t he door and peek around the corner, there will be one Cyborg on the upper walkway, three heads shots will do it. Don’t forget to save your progress. Next enter Alpha, keeping an eye on the left go to the right corner to the lit platform. This one goes down to a small maintenance area with two gas grenades. Back up top turn right and go up into Beta Quadrant, be ready for the Cyborg Mantis that jumps out at you. Continue to the top of the ramp, there will be one Cyborg patrolling back and forth, I took him out with my melee weapon. I picked up his assault riffle and tried to equip it but I didn’t realized that I couldn’t use it because it was damaged. The switch to extend the bridge is shorted out, however you could jump down and get up into Beta if you go down and to the right but the whole you are down there you taking radiation damage. I chose no to go that way and wait to access it later. There’s an audio log that gives you the combination, 705, to the medical armory, at this point I don’t know what armory they are talking about I already got into the one by the Cyberspace terminal so there must be another one somewhere. Backtrack out of Beta, at the bottom of the ramp you should see the red lights of Cyborgs ahead on the upper walkway. Take up a position on the right side and peek around the corner, if you take your time and don’t waste shots like I did you should be able to take out most of the Cyborgs. Top up your health before you use the Repulor Lift, since I picked up some gas grenades before I tried to throw one up there but came up short. The last Cyborg came down so when he was down I went up, there’s a frag grenade on the right. The bridge has holes in it that move around so I’m pretty sure you’re going to fall through it no matter what you do. When you hit the floor below Shodan will say “You are not welcome here. Remove yourself”. There is a corridor that leads away from the space where you fell, to the right is a room with force fields in place and on the left is a Repulsor Lift that’s manually locked . At first it appears that you are stuck down there but all you have to do is go to the room and turn the outer force field off then stand in the middle and turn it back on again, when you do this the inner force field will turn off. I looked all over and then I finally figured it out. There’s one mutant to take care of inside, there’s also a camera and the switch to turn the Repulsor Lift on. Exit the room and go up the lift, at the top is an audio log talking about the regeneration bay console, which I think once you turn it off it creates a re spawn point in the event that you die. Right across from the top of the lift is a room with the bridge controls. You can now travel across the bridge without falling through. The corridor extends around the corner with rooms on both sides. The room next to the bridge control room is the Level 1 Medical Elevator access. At the back of the room is a storage room that’s opened with one of your key cards that has some ammo and other loot inside. When you get close to the elevator another warning from Shodan that the elevator is for her alone and her cameras are her eyes and the CPU nodes are her hands. There’s also an audio log from Shodan with more nonsense to the left of the elevator on the floor. It would appear the you can use the elevator however I didn’t try because I have the rest of the level still to clear. The switch for the bulkhead door is on the left of the door, it opens up to Delta Quadrant by the Cyberspace terminal room that you couldn’t open from that side, once it’s open it stays open. As soon as it opened a Cyborg came through and I discovered that the area that I had cleared before has Cyborgs in it again. So because I had no ammo left I had to scramble all the way back to the surgery machine in the healing suites. That’s it for this one.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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