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System Shock Remake Cleared Delta And Beta Quadrants On Level 1

Main Part Of Delta Quadrant

Hello everybody.

In this video I continue to advance into Delta Quadrant and go through Beta Quadrant.

Starting from my last location in the Medical Amory/ Cyberspace terminal exit and go to the other side of the hall. There’s a room to the right of the Bulkhead Door, in the room at the bottom of the ramp is one mutant if it’s facing away from you at stealth attack should be possible, either way take it out. There is a KE-41 Minipistol on the floor, a grenade, 2 Sight Vision Enhancements, and some ammo.

Exit and take two lefts, ahead of you will be the main part of Delta Quadrant. Advance slowly, when you get to the end of the walkway where it opens up peek around the left corner and take out the Cyborg Drone. There’s second Cyborg on the other side but it’s by the far corner. I forgot to peek and it saw me and started to advance so I sustained some minor damage. Continue east but stop at the Gamma Quadrant doors, you’ll just be able to see one camera tucked away in the corner. Switch to your pulse riffle and take it out. Go a little further to the medical cart and peek around the corner and take out the other camera. Go further still until you cam peek around the corner and see the Hopper, I downed it with two shots and took no damage. Go back past Gamma Quadrant entrance to the corner, there’s a switch on the wall and a lit up platform on the floor that leads to a small control room. Stand on the platform with pistol ready and hit the switch. When you reach the bottom there will be one Cyborg directly in front and one off to the right. They are both easily taken out if you manage to hit them with three head shots. There’s a couple of shelves in the back right corner with some health, ammo and other loot as well as loot on the corpses. In the center of the room is a Repulsor Lift that will get you onto the platform on the left once you flip the switch. There’s a junction box that needs to be rewired to access Alpha Quadrant, if you look to your left you’ll see a monitor with a live feed of the entrance and a view of the CPU cores, location unknown at this point. When open the junction box you’ll see two power leads with four possible sockets, looking at the four sockets at the bottom you can rule out the third one from the left. What ended up working for me was the second and forth sockets with the bottom red button facing up and the one in the middle facing right. When the door closes you’ve done it.

Back out in the Central Hub head to the east past Gamma Quadrant entrance to the lift to Beta Quadrant, on the way there are a couple of skulls for the collectors, one on each side of the Gamma Quadrant door. Take the lift up, there’s one Cyborg walking back and forth so wait till he comes and turns around then follow and take him out. At the end of the corridor there’s a camera hanging from the ceiling. Explore the two offices, in the first one from the end is the Sparqbeam Sidearm as well as an audio log, a Systems Analyzer that allows you to monitor Citadel Stations Systems. There’s also a Key Card and plenty of junk. In the other office there’s another Audio Log, a mini pistol, a switch that turns on a monitor that displays the stations status and again plenty of junk. That’s it for this one

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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