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System Shock Remake Level 1 Alpha Quadrant Cyberspace and CPU Nodes

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Hello everybody.

In this video I go into Cyberspace and destroy the Cpu Nodes.

Before you can connect to the Cyberspace Terminal you’ll have to deal with the four Cyborgs in the charging room. I went outside and crouched beside the door, when the door opened I shot the Cyborg that I could see. He went down with one shot I think because I shot that one twice in the previous video. The other three came out immediately and stated shooting, I might’ve been better off to stay crouched in the corner but I got up and had no cover and I’m lucky to have made it around the corner. For some reason I thought I had to switch weapons so I switched to my mini pistol that I neglected to reload before combat, as a result I was on deaths door after the Cyborg that came around the corner shot me a few times. I retreated to reload and put on a health patch. Fortunately the Cyborg didn’t follow me and went back into the charging room. When I got there he had his back to me so I shot him, I had to shoot him a second time as he was coming out.


When you connect to Cyberspace the first thing you’ll acquire is the recall software, after that the Pulsar Combat. Right after that you’ll enter the first room, whenever you enter a new room put the brakes on and go slow, as you enter four windows will open two in front of you and one on each side. Start shooting immediately and take out the two Cyber Dogs and two Cyber Guards. The next room is a little smaller and when you enter it three windows will open, one on the floor and one each on the left and right, take out the Cyber Guard and Cyber Dogs and slowly move forward. More windows will open ahead and one Cyber Dog, two Cyber Guards and one Cyber Stinger will come out. Keep moving forward slowly collecting the green health icons as you go. Four more windows open as you near the exit of the room with three Cyber Dogs and one Cyber Guard coming out. There will be mines in the corridor leading to the next room. The next room is the second last room before the data stream, windows open even before you get there, multiple windows open of witch you can see two. Cyber Stingers come out first and then numerous Cyber Dogs and Guards. This time you can’t stay at the entrance and shoot them all, you’re better off to move to your right and down to pick up the health Icon. This will give you some space where you can continue shooting with the columns providing cover. There is one Cyber Bully at the end but it didn’t advance on my position so I managed to shoot it from there without taking any damage from it. Top up your integrity with the health icon on the other side. The next room is the last one and once again you’ll be faced with numerous Cyber Dogs, Cyber Guards and Cyber Stingers, move around and look for the health icons if you can, my integrity was pretty low when the room was cleared. All that’s left is to shoot the data stream until the Forcefield on the Medical Door is deactivated and then exit Cyberspace.

The Cpu Nodes

With the forcefield on the Medical door now down you can enter but you first have to take out the Security 1 Bot. I shot it with my Sparqbeam sidearm until it over heated and I could’ve continued when it cooled down but for some reason I change to a weapon that was out of ammo resulting in a hasty retreat. After taking a health patch I returned to the charging room finally put the Security Bot down. On the other side of the Medical door there’s a Replusor Lift on the left, when you ride it down it will become apparent that the Cpu Nodes are in the next room. There’s a camera just down and to the right of the Nodes sign. Ahead of the lift and to the left is a corridor that leads to small work station. The corpse on the floor has a health on him, there’s a skull under the desk and a shelf full of junk. The door on the left as you enter leads to a contaminated room that I didn’t go in, however I discovered later that you won’t die right away when you go into these room so go in and turn right, there will be a corpse with the Sensaround Radar Unit. This is one of your wares so don’t miss it. The Cpu Nodes are in the back room, the first thing I saw I think was cleaning bot so I probably didn’t have to shoot it but most of the time it’s better to shoot first and ask question later. There is also one Cyborg patrolling the room. The room is fairly big with four Cpu Nodes. A corridor along the back wall has shelves at both ends with loot. There’s an office in the southwest corner with a mini pistol, some loot and a corpse.

Destroying The Nodes

I didn’t know exactly how to destroy them so I went around and hit them with my melee weapon which in hind sight was a good thing because it partially destroyed them. I then continued to hit one until it exploded and I’m lucky it didn’t kill me so I didn’t do that again. It took three or four shots with my energy weapon to destroy the rest. So if you want to save ammo use your melee weapon first but don’t hit them any more that six times each and then finish with your sidearm. After they are destroyed you’ll be contacted by Shodan with a threatening message and one Cyborg will come to investigate. On the way out I noticed another office in the northwest corner but I didn’t go in it. There will be one more Cyborg in the room before the Cpu room, when the area is clear ride the lift to the top. You can run and jump over gap to where the Security 1 Bot was and then walk across bridge. There’s a console with a switch for the other bridge with a camera above it. Further in a walkway that leads to an area with a small desk and a corpse. Just for a point of interest the walkway is the same one the Cyborg was walking on when you enter Alpha Quadrant from the Central Hub in Delta Quadrant. That it for this one.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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