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System Shock Remake Level 1 Gamma Quadrant Part 1

Conference Table At The Entrance To Beta Quadrant

Hello everybody.

In this video I go through part of Gamma Quadrant and end up at an entrance to Beta Quadrant.

The Armory

Starting from the Recycle Station go out the door to the left, across the hall is the Armory that was mentioned in one of the audio logs found in Beta Quadrant which gave you the combination 705. Down the corridor to the left is a camera in the corner. Take out the camera and head into the armory. There will be one Mutant with his back to you so take him out. There are a few corpses on the floor with two Sparqbeam sidearms and three storage crates. In the crates are a Proximity Mine in one, a gas grenade and Tri-pop Soda in the second and a frag and gas grenade in the third. There are also a couple of vending machines, one is sells ammo and the other sell Mods that upgrade your weapons. The upgrade for the mini pistol is 20 Tri-Credits which was all I had but I thought is was money well spent, it ‘s an upgrade to your magazine from 10 to 20.

Head back into the corridor and turn right, there are two ways you can go if you go straight that will take you to the main entrance to Gamma Quadrant, I went that way in the next video. I went into the first door on the right, there’s one Mutant in front of you and one Mutant to your left at the other end of the room. Be ready to take them both out because the noise of combat will alert the one at the far end. There are multiple corpse on the floor, most of them had nothing. At the west end of the room is a Transderm Dipenser that sell the three dermal patches they range from 5 credtis for a health and 4 for Stamina and Berserk. About in the middle of the room on the north wall there’s another door that leads to a smaller room. There’s one Mutant to take care of in this one. There’s a gas grenade on the shelf on the back wall, a Tri-Pop Soda on the console along the left wall. On the table is a briefcase with a Key card and a Tri-Credit on the floor by the back left leg of the table. Back in the bigger room turn left, there’s a couple more corpses and an audio log on the first one you come. The key card that was found in the smaller room opens the door at the end of the room. There is one Mutant in the area of the door but more further into the room. There are multiple corpses on the floor, one of them might have a health bar. Advancing further into the room, go to the corner with the red lights, from there you can see a corpse, this one had ammo and a Tri-Pop Soda. You can see one Mutant ahead of you and if you look to your right into the dark corner you’ll just be able to see the red eyes of a Cyborg Mantis, you could probably take it out first but I lured the Mutants to my position and took them out. Two of the Three Mutants had health products and the Cyborg had some ammo. The rest of the area should now be clear to explore, most if not all of the corpses offer nothing, there’s a small alcove to the right of the big screen, in there is a crate with some ammo. That’s it for this one.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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