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System Shock Remake Level 1 Maintenance Tunnels and Recycle Station

The Recycle Station

Hello everybody.

In this video I go through a door that I overlooked previously and end up in the Maintenance Tunnels.

The door of which I speak is in the room on the corner of the corridor across from the Charging Room in Alpha Quadrant Level 1 and that’s where my starting point is. Exit the Charging Room and go straight into the door that’s on the corner. At the back of the room is a console with a switch that opens the door beside it. At the top of the ramp is a corpse with a Berserk and some ammo. At the bottom of the ramp is a not seen before enemy a flame throwing Repair Bot, a few shots with your energy weapon should destroy it. The walkway takes a left at the bottom of the ramp and a few steps in a small area on the left with a corpse, and audio log and the monkey wrench. Back on the main walkway go left, you’ll see a console ahead with a switch, this opens a door to a contaminated room so I did not go in there in the video however I discovered that going into contaminated rooms doesn’t kill you right away so I went in there later and all that’s in this one is a frag grenade in one of the boxes at the back. Now go back to the main walkway and go around the pipes to the left, this part snakes around the pipes so you can’t see too far ahead. There’s one mutant awaiting your arrival just around the pipes on your right, there’s also a camera above, a ladder in front and the walkway goes right into a small work station with two corpses and some ammo on the console. Back in the main walkway go up the ladder on your right and collect the battery pack. Down on the main walkway continue going forward, a few steps in there’s a viewing port on your right. Straight ahead the ramp goes down with three more viewing ports on the right and a fourth a little further on. Eventually you’ll come to a door. There will be at least one mutant on the other side, there’s a seating section on the right with a health patch on the floor, an audio log on one of the seats and another door straight ahead. On the other side is a dimly lit pipe gallery that eventually gets brighter and opens up. You’ll get to an area where there’s a short ladder in front with the main walkway continuing to the right. Keep following the main walkway, there will be at least one mutant, where the walkway turns to the left there will be a stamina and a skull. The walkway ends but you can keep going onto of the pipes to the left. At the end there will be a corpse and you’ll hear the Maintenance Bot above you. To the right of the pipes is a small area with two ladders one on the right and one on the left. Go up the left ladder and collect the two health patches and while you’re up there take care of the Maintenance Bot. Once the bot is down go down the ladder and up the other one, the Recycle Station will be right in front of you at the top of the ladder and the console to the right turns on the lights. The destroyed bot gave me 11 scrap which is worth just over one Tri-Credit. That’s it for this one.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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