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System Shock Remake Start To Delta Quadrant In Medical


Hello everybody.

Well here were are again at the start of a new game. This is somewhat of a departure from the last game which took me forever to play through and record. With that said here is the first video.

There are four categories at the start of the game that you can adjust up or down. The four categories are as follows:

  • Combat
  • Mission
  • Cyber
  • Puzzle


  • 1 is the easy setting. There will be fewer enemies, they will take less damage to defeat, and will engage the Hacker less often.
  • 2 is the normal(default) setting. The Hacker is never alone as enemies are numerous and pack a punch.
  • 3 is the hard setting. Enemies will be found in every corner of Citadel Station and will be tougher, more alert, and deal a tremendous amount of damage.


  • 1 is the easy setting. Waypoints will assist the Hacker in navigating Citadel Station, Mission Critical items cannot be dropped.
  • 2 is the normal (default) setting. Shodan is watching the Hackers every move.
  • 3 is the hard setting. The Hacker had 10 hours to stop Shodan and will die permanently if the Restoration Bay on the current level isn’t activated.


  • 1 is the easy setting. Take a stroll through Citadel Station’s network
  • 2 is the normal (default) setting. Shodan’s security protocols pursue the Hacker while Cyberdenizens engage on sight.
  • 3 is the hard setting. If you die in the game you die in real life.


  • 1 is the easy setting. Puzzles are not a problem
  • 2 is the normal (default) setting. Get ready to think.
  • 3 is the hard setting. You will be perplexed.

I chose the default settings across the board, I especially didn’t want to be racing against the clock.

The game starts with the Hacker in his apartment, you can look around while his laptop is brute forcing the password on the TriOptimun website, eventually the brute forcing is successful a cut scene begins and the Hacker sits down. While he’s downloading the surgical graft security breaks in and takes him into custody, they bring him to Edward Diego’s office who we find out later is the head of operations on the space station. He makes the Hacker an offer that can’t be refused if he wants to stay alive. As a reward the Hacker will get the implant he was trying to steel. At the end of the cut scene the Hacker is rendered unconscious.

The Hacker wakes up in Neurosurgery and this is where the game really begins. There’s loot on the shelves but the Hacker can only carry a limited amount of supplies, so at this point only pick up weapons, ammo, and health related materials. The mission easy setting prevents you from “dropping” mission critical items it doesn’t mention anything about vaporizing items that have no recycle reward so I assume you can vaporize those items. For now I’m just sticking with the essentials and I’ll revisit this at the end of the level. Moving on , at the bottom of the ramp are doors on the left and right. The one on the left opens up to two crates, one with a pipe melee weapon and the other has a Navigation and Mapping Unit, a Multimedia Data Recorder, and a Key card. The door on the right is opened with the key card that was in the first room. Peek around the corner and you’ll see a Serv-Bot, it’s facing away from you so you can sneak up on it and take it out, two or three strikes will do it. The noise from of combat will bring another Serv-Bot, this one will take a few more strikes. There are 2 cameras to destroy, one in the northwest corner and the other in the middle of the room on the other side of the wall. In the south corner there’s a power station and just before that on the shelf on your left is a Head Mounted Vision Unit, I guess it’s more or less a head lamp. To the right of the power station is a small door that you can crawl through to get inside the office. There’s a Date Stick on the desk that contains the door code, 451, to the rest of the healing suits. There’s a key pad to the left of the door so enter 451 and you’ll be able to open the door. As soon as the door opens a Humanoid Mutant will attack you. If you are low on health simply backtrack to the surgery machine top and up your health.

In the next room there’s a healing suite in front and a camera in the top right corner. As you enter Shodan will greet you and give you an overview of the station. In the healing suite there is another Audio Log on the shelf at the back on the left as well as a key card. The audio log tells you to take out the cameras and the CPU nodes. At this point I don’t know where or what these CPU nodes are. Exit the healing suite and turn right, the elevator is in front of you and a storage room on your right. The elevator is broken so I think you have to deal with that later. The key card you found in the healing suite opens the storage room, there are 4 crates with loot, ammo, and health supplies.

That’s it for this first video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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