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The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition kayran part 2

Hello everybody

After the cut scene immediately run to the left, you can’t stay in one spot too long or you will get clobbered.  Cast  a yarden spell on the ground and move away, when the Kayran strikes  it will become stuck, that’s when you go in and chop off  her tentacle. After that she becomes angry and starts throwing stuff around ,run to the left and wait by the base of the bridge. You’ll see her hit the bridge braking a piece off , run back out and cast  another yarde spell and move away, she’ll strike and get stuck you chop off tentacle run back to the base off the bridge and wait for her to lose it and brake another  piece off the bridge, when she settles down run all the way to the right and cast a yarden spell and move away, you have to time it right if you move away too soon you’ll get hit, chop off tentacle and run back to where her lair is and wait till she sweeps a tentacle toward you. For me since I’m playing on PC I get a sign to press my right mouse button this will put you onto the tentacle where you strike it a few times, you don’t have to fill the bar up. After riding the tentacle back and forth a couple of times the space bar indicator will appear which releases you from the tentacle. On the ground wait for the bridge to fall down and cast a quen and make your way up to the top of the bridge and a cut scene will start. All that’s left is to get the loot, and sometimes there are 2 spots like there was in this one.

Thanks for watching

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