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The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition Letho in the Elven ruin

Hello everybody

Fighting Letho might seem impossible at first but there are few different strategies you could use. I ended up just using igni once I knew the pattern of his attacks. When he is at one end of the room and you are at the other  he’ll throw either a fire or poison bomb at you, when he does roll out of the way to avoid the hit but then roll back because what he’ll do is throw one bomb at you and almost right away throw a second bomb to where you rolled. Another attack he does is if he can knock you down with the aard he’ll throw a bomb on you. The other thing is don’t igni him when his shield is up.  Keep moving trying to always see where he is  and you’ll avoid most of his attacks. Like so many things in games what seems impossible at first becomes almost easy once you know the trick.

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