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The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition With flickering Heart

Hello everybody

This is the quest that Ele’yas, who was waiting outside the inn when you went to talk to Zoltan, wanted you to do. Along the way to the catacombs you be stopped by some scioa’tael bandits, there are 2 archers in the group that it’s better to leave till last so I ran to get behind the hill so the archers couldn’t see me while I was fighting the Dwarf and she elf. Just before the catacombs you’ll run into some Kaedweni soldiers. I used quen again which took longer than using igni, either way works as long as you avoid getting hit. Once I was in the catacombs I made pretty much a b line to where you need to go. The other area’s have loot in them and lots of wraiths, in the video I said there wasn’t anything down the stairs except loot and wraiths but after exploring , there is another room that pertains to a separate quest. The rest is pretty straight forward you can believe Ele’yas or the Succubus but the evidence points to Ele’yas.

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