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The Witcher Enhanced Edition Directors Cut Defeating Javed

Hello everybody

The audio level for my mic was too low and it’s difficult to hear what I was saying. Before I entered the laboratory I drank some white honey potion and used a Perun Rune Stone on my steel sword. After your conversation with Javed he disappears and you’re left to deal with the 2 Greater Brothers. I used the strong attack style and my igni skill. At first I just kept my distance and tried to whittle away their health by just attacking with one or two strikes. When I used my igni the Brothers became preoccupied so that gave me the chance to do a slightly longer attack. Once there was only one Brother left I monitored his health indicator and waited till he was almost dead to take a Wolverine and Willow potion to prepare to battle Javed.

As soon as you kill the last Brother you’ll be transported to where Javed is and after a brief conversation Barengar show’s up to give you a hand, a cut scene will play and then is time to” open up a can ”.

Javed has the ability to stun and that’s what happened right away, however I wasn’t knocked down and was able to use my aard and knock Javed down, but for some reason I couldn’t attack him when he was down. I used the strong style and the fight ended with a very nice combination attack. There’s no question that this fight is very difficult and I found that in this case the best defense is strong offense. Gather the loot from Javed’s corpse and interact with the mirror. After this you’ll be transported outside where Yaevinn meets you and the next quest is ready as soon as you go down to the boat.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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