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Wasteland 3 Abandoned Oil Well and Massacre Site


Hello everybody.

This little side mission becomes available as you approach the bridge south of the Ghost town. The radio message from HQ says there are erratic high frequency bursts near your location and will send coordinates but if you check your map it’s not listed, at least this was the case for me. The Abandoned oil well is located due south of the Ghost town, over the bridge and to your left.

The Abandoned Oil Well site has a number of Juvvi’s standing around the high frequency transmitter. When you try to talk to them they don’t respond so what you have to do is attempt to attack them and the transmitter will release a burst which temporarily knocks your team out. When you come to all of the Juvvi’s are gone and there’s a pile of junk where the transmitter used to be. Included in this junk pile is creepy doll Purist Patty that grants all team members +5% damage against mutants and an Exoskeleton helmet. Besides this loot there is one pile buried to the right of the Kodiak and a safe that requires lock picking 7,which I almost missed, straight ahead of the Kodiak partially hidden behind a broken concrete wall. The safe contained a ragged choke weapon mod and a medic pack.

As I left the Abandoned Oil Well I came across and abandoned building, it’s always worth it to stop and check these places out, you never know what you’ll find.

The Massacre site is south of the Abandoned Oil Well so drive south until you see a wind mill, go around to the right and the Massacre Site will be just ahead on the right. Before I entered I quick saved my game just in case I didn’t get the loot combination I wanted. In this site several of the bodies have loot, carefully check them all, when I was reviewing the video for this post I noticed that I missed one body. There should be 1 ammo box, 1 safe, the cave, 3 buried locations, and 5 of the bodies should have loot.

In order for the loot in the little cave to be discoverable you’ll need someone in your squad that has at least a 5 sneak skill .

The cave in the island of rock to the left, as far as weapons go, contains the PDW01 along with another type of weapon and although I said in the video I already had better stuff I realized after that this SMG is a level 23 weapon. Of the loot combinations you get from here the PDW01 is always in the cave loot. The Honey Badger requires Animal Whisperer 10 and since I’m nowhere near that level the Honey Badger stayed there.

I did quick load my game and went through there a few times. I settled on the Chainsaw Sword a level 18 melee weapon for McBane.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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