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Wasteland 3 Arapaho Caravan loot only

Spiked Growler

Hello everybody.

Since I went to the Hoon Homestead first all that’s left here is some Growlers and loot.

The first place you want to go as soon as you arrive is through the double doors on the left, and then through the double doors across the room. This will lead to a room with double doors that require lock picking 4 to open, if you don’t have lock picking I’m pretty sure you can break the door down. Now go along the back of the buildings, collecting all the loot, and a hidden path will open so you can get to the building with the generator in it. You’ll need mechanics 3 to disable it, or you can destroy it.

The battle consists of 2 Growler cubs and 1 Spiked Growler. I got one cub when I initiated combat which left another cub and the big boy. Looking at my squads health after the battle I’d say it’s not very difficult at all.

Through the door that the big boy came out of is a corpse with some loot, to the left of that is a set of double doors that lead to a lower level, it’s lock picking 5 but you should be able to break the doors. Down there is a medical box, a weapon crate, and an ammo box that includes a skill book .

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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