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Wasteland 3 Bizarre Toy Warehouse

Lucia working one of the clowns

Hello everybody.

To get to the toy warehouse leave the Bizarre and turn right at the bottom of the ramp. On the way to the warehouse there are 5 bomb hoppers, as well as piles of loot and boxes. These hoppers should be taken out one at a time that way there’s only one to deal with and you should be able to kill it on your first turn, if you don’t the bomb hopper will come to you and explode doing massive damage to your squad. Turn left on the road about half way up and then right, there is a duffel bag with a doll that grants all members of your squad +15 condition.

Go back to the main road and the toy warehouse will be at the end on the right, the van in front has some medical loot. In the warehouse there are about 6 clowns and a turret. The office to your left requires lock picking 5 to enter, although I did break the door with my melee character and the clowns were non the wiser. There’s a couple of boxes of loot in the office. With the office open I was able to get Simo and Kwon to the other side of the warehouse where the generator for the turret is. Simo and kwon had sneak 4 and 3 respectively. Simo disabled the generator and with the rest of my squad in position I initiated combat with Sparky and a rocket.

The clown with the flamethrower was my primary focus, I used a turret in this battle but it wasn’t very effective, better than nothing though. Because my squad was split up into 3 groups the flamethrower didn’t really get close enough to do any real damage and it was the other clowns who did more. If you don’t have a turret you should definitely disable, or destroy ,theirs and try to get at least one member to the other side of the warehouse.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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