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Wasteland 3 Buzz Kill

squatters in the closed casino

Hello everybody.

This mission becomes available when you get a radio call from HQ about Rosie Wong complaining about the noise coming from the casino.

To start the mission go talk to Rosie at the Sans Luxe apartments, next go to the casino. Once you enter the casino your job is to make the squatters leave. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to first talk to Troy and Brandi and when they say ” what do you lame-os want ?” answer them with ” you guys seem like a cute couple” this will lead to Brandi warning Troy that he’d better keep his eyes on her. After this say ” Brandi you’re a fine girl….” She’ll be flattered and will start to flirt with you to which Troy will ask ” are these rangers are bother you” That will do it the conversation ends with Brandi furious at Troy and walking out of the casino.

Next go to the beer keg and break the tap. One more thing to do. Go to the discobot, you’ll need at least nerd stuff 3, and hack the bot to play the worst music. This will be the last straw and the rest of the squatters will leave.

Upstairs you’ll find a group of nerds playing Robots and Rangers aka dungeons and dragons. Offer them a place to play at HQ and they’ll also leave, this isn’t part of the mission so it’s optional.

Return to Rosie, you’ll get $171 and a surprise at HQ which turns out to be a couple of her cats.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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