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Wasteland 3 Call To Action completion


Hello everybody.

Continuing with this mission from the lounge there are 3 exits, one has an alarm that requires a 7 in the sneaky department. The section of wall that’s broken has a tripwire across the opening that requires level 6 in explosives to disarm , although you can access the alley through the doors at the northeast and northwest corners. There is a bomb hopper patrolling the alley but can be taken out through the broken section of wall, usually with one shot. There’s 3 loot location in the alley.

The group of 5 hard heads are outside the lounge’s northwest corner. I attacked from 2 positions and after the first 2 where down I put the members of my squad that were able to , into ambush. This worked really well , when the hard heads advanced and my squad took their ambush shots they were left with so little health that it only took Lucia to finish off the 2 down below and my sniper took out the one on top to the rail car with one shot.

The computer terminal is in a little shack at the end of the alley. Lead with a member of your squad that has high awareness so you’ll see all of the land mines, there’s 2 on each side of the shack. The door requires lock picking 7 but if you don’ have that just go around to the back and enter through the broken section in the wall. The weapon crate inside the shack requires lock picking 7 and this time it contained a mining mallet which is a blunt weapon with a damage output of 70-84, if you break into it the weapon inside will be destroyed . After you access the computer backtrack to the lounge, on the way you’ll see a safe requiring lock picking 8, this time it was a bladed weapon, a road sign clever with a damage output of 43-59. The melee weapon that I’m still using is the dental pick with a damage output of 88-118 after mods that I got from Dr. Smiles the crazy dentist, so by the numbers my weapon is still better. When you reach the lounge enter the room at the southwest corner, it’ll have a level 6 explosives tripwire. The room at the back has a hidden door behind the shelf that’s full of bottles. The switch to open the door has to be powered so the first room on the right has a broken generator that requires mechanics 9 to repair but all I did was turn on each of the wall disconnects and the switch on the floor and that connected power to the switch that opens the hidden door.

Through the hidden doorway is a flight of stairs that lead down into the basement, at the bottom is a computer terminal. Interact with the terminal to have Morningstar open the blast door, a little cut scene plays where you move into the secured part of the secret bunker. One of the 2 lockers just on the other side of the blast door contains the sniper skill book. There’s a toaster to repair along the way to the end where Morningstar was being developed. Now ensues a long conversation where you’ll have 2 choices, kill him and take the weapon or transfer him to the Kodiak. Whatever you do don’t try to repair him, it won’t work ,you’ll all die and the game ends.

If you want the great communicator you’ll have to destroy Morningstars cognitive engine, when you’re done some loot and the great communicator will be added to your inventory. I already had the rail gun for the Kodiak from the patriarch for completing the Zealot mission so I chose to transfer Morningstar to the Kodiak. The great communicator is a better weapon though, so comparing the two, the rail gun has an ap of 6 with a damage output of 401-552, the great communicator has an ap of 4 with a damage output of 474-653 so time will tell if I made a wise decision.

That’s it for this video, thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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