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Wasteland 3 Call To Action Part 1


Hello everybody.

This is the start to the Call To Action mission. The mission takes place at Union station which is just past Denver Ruins. Prior to leaving I equipped the rail gun on the Kodiak that I got from the Patriarch as a reward for completing the Zealot mission.

When you appear in Colorado Springs in the Kodiak travel down to the main road and hang a left. On the video I said that Union Station is just past Denver Ruins and although you can get there if you go past you’ll just be going around the left side of the station. At the point where I turned off the main road you can see Denver Ruins on my mini map. The on screen location indicator directs you to turn at the Denver City Limits bill board which is what I did so travel east and when you reach the Coffin Cigarettes bill board keep it on your left and Union Station will be just passed that around to your left.

At this point I’d like to state that I don’t think foul language and or nudity belong in these types of video games and that’s why I do my best to edit out all offensive material.

When you enter Union Station you’ll be met by Fish-lips who is one of the most offensive characters in the game so far, his language is foul and vulgar and although my editing isn’t the smoothest none of it shows in the video. Enough about that, after your conversation with him collect the loot before heading into the lounge. There will be several tripwires, that you should disarm, and 7 hard-heads led by Dr. Denver in the lounge. I tried to get the jump on this group by they saw me coming so I didn’t get the chance to put my squad into ambush. As it was it didn’t seem to make much difference, I was able to eliminate 3 of them on my first round. This groups uses several saw pups and they have a racketeer in their squad but in the end it was 2 saw pups that were still standing.

That’s it for this video, thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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