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Wasteland 3 Canary In The Coal Mine conclusion

Dee Sharp outside the Company Store

Hello everybody.

In this video I eliminate the Scar Collectors in the Company Store and because I left the Scar Collectors till last both the Sand In The Gas Tank and Canary In The Coal Mine mission are completed.

To start this mission meet Dee Sharp in front of the Company Store. Your mission will be updated when you talk to her, now you can go in an take care of all the Scar Collectors inside. There are 5 Scar Collectors and 2 turrets ranging from level 19 to 34 so it’s a fairly tough battle. When you enter the store don’t go in too far or they’ll notice you and combat will begin with you on the defensive. All of the Scar Collectors are at the back of the store so it might’ve been better to use the ambush option after combat started. I focused on Cutter Throat and the turret on the right side. The turret was destroyed but Cutter Throat survived and proceeded to down 3 of my squad, luckily it was my Russian Security Bot that put her out of action. Once she was eliminated my survivability increased slightly. It was my Toaster, Bot, and Razorback that made the difference either finishing off an enemy or damaging them to where one more shot would take them out. I always had at least 3 squad members that were alive to revive the others. This is not an easy fight so you might take a beating like I did but you’ll get it done.

The loot in the room includes a level 10 safe at the back of the room with a little bit of everything and the level 23 Fusion Launcher and a level 21 weapon. There’s a grenade beside the safe.

When you talk to Dee both missions will be completed and she’ll get on the radio and set up the final battle where the Scar Collectors take each other out. This takes place when you leave the area.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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