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Wasteland 3 Canary In The Coal Mine part 1

Entrance to the mine

Hello everybody.

The Scar collector mine is west of the slave pen at the end of the tracks. The side mission is updated when you talk to Whetstone and ask him if there’s ” anything we should know about Steel-Trap……”. There are 2 bison between you and the travel point. I initiated combat with my sniper which brought the one bison down to about one quarter health. This bison was within range so Kwon and Lucia finished it off. The other bison was out of range so I set up the rest of my squad for ambush. By the time it reached my position it had used up all of it’s AP and it was my turn again. After the ambush shots it went down fairly easily. There is some loot at the end of the tracks to the left and right of the travel point, there’s also a toaster to repair that I repair on my way out.

There’s some loot to the left of the command habitat entrance and to the left of the company store entrance. The doors to the command habitat are locked and require nerd stuff 10 to open, however I was able to break them open with my melee character without being detected by the Scar Collectors inside. In the entrance way there are 2 piles of junk, a large container, and an unmarked container. The notable loot in the large container is the level 26 Exoskeleton Chest Armour, the Exoskeleton pants were near the RV at Paint Mines. The Exoskeleton armour is best suited for your melee character,the pants are armour 13 with a melee bonus of 15% and the chest armour are armour 27 with a melee bonus of 20%. There was a mission critical Betamax Tape in the unmarked box.

The command habitat opens up with Scar Collectors to the left and right with more Scar Collectors ahead on the lower level. There is a gap in their detection circles in the middle of the upper level and plenty of cover to hide behind. Be careful not to explode the explosive barrel on the left as this will result in the death of Dee Sharp. I Positioned my sniper just inside the door to the left with the rest of my squad spread out from the center to the right side. I focused on the Scar Collectors that were on the upper level first. I initiated combat with my sniper taking out the overlord in one shot. Later on my sniper had another one shot kill taking out 2 of the 3 Scar Collectors on the left side, Kwon took out the other one. The 2 on the right were taken care of by Kwon, Lucia, and Buckshot . I got lucky with the Mechagrowler when McBane got a lucky mega crit and took it out with 2 strikes. I had Sparky on the right side and at one point the overlord on the lower level was right beside the explosive barrel so I had Sparky shoot it and that brought the overlord down to less than one quarter health. At this point I had to start advancing so Buckshot moved to the center overlooking the lower level and brought the bomb head down to half health and Kwon moved to the right side and finished all three, the overlord, bomb head and the thrall. That left only 2 on the lower level which where taken care of by the toaster, razor back, McBane and Kwon.

There is loot all around the room so carefully survey every corner, included with the loot you get from the Scar Collectors is a mission critical item, a Soviet Sec Pass that you’ll need to advance further into the space station. The large container to the right of the entrance has a level 21 weapon. The level 10 armour crate beside it has some level 24 armour.

All that’s left is to talk to Dee, if you do the minimum, like I did, your mission won’t be updated, but that doesn’t matter because you can go back to her after you go through the rest of the space station and talk to her again, then your mission will be updated to meet her by the company store. On the other hand you can do the full talk and your mission will be updated but I wouldn’t go to the store until you go through space station first

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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