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Wasteland 3 Canary In The Coal Mine part 2

Scar Collectors in the Science Habitat

Hello everybody.

In this video I clear the rest of the space station starting with the science habitat. The security pass that you picked up from the Scar Collectors will open the 2 doors at the back of the command habitat that lead up to the science habitat. There’s a pile of junk in the space between the doors and you should hear something being detected on your left as you come up the ramp. The trap detected is under some displaced floor tiles just in front of the medical crate and it’s easy to miss. There are 7 Scar Collectors in the room consisting of 3 Cyclopes, 1 Overlord, 1 Bomb Thrall, and 2 Thralls. There isn’t a lot of room to set up your squad so your pretty much limited to the inside wall. I focused on the Cyclops first and then the Overlord, next is the Bomb Thrall. Since everybody was in range there was no need to use the ambush option. I took some damage on Sparky but the combat wasn’t very difficult. There’s loot in every corner just be careful of the trap in the floor.

The next area is the Living Habitat. There are 5 Scar Collectors on patrol, they are as follows: 1 Overlord, 1 Cyclops, 1 Bomb Thrall, 1 Butcher, and 1 Thrall. The 2 turrets are not in range so they won’t be involved with this part of combat. I focused on the Overlord first, then the Bomb Thrall. After that I used the ambush option, this resulted in the Thrall being taken out and the Cyclops taking heavy damage to the point where one more shot took him out. That left only the Butcher who after multiple hits from the Toaster and the Razor Back was down to 224 health and only took one round from Kwon to take him out. The 2 turrets are a little award to get at beacuse by the time you move your squad to their location you are out of AP. They are on the high ground but there is some cover at the bottom of the ramp. As it turned out I had to face shots from them on one turn where Lucia went down and McBane took damage. The Toaster, Razor Back, and McBane finished the one turret and then McBane damaged the other turret to half health and Kwon took it out. That’s it for hostiles. There is loot every where, beside the ramp a booze box, a level 9 weapon crate with a level 21 weapon where you entered the living habitat, in the north west corner a level 10 safe with a little bit of everything including a level 21 weapon, and a level 7 drug stash along the north wall. Plus ammo boxes and a junk pile.

The last area is the security habitat. There are 2 entrances, both are booby trapped and the west entrance requires the generator to be repaired to open the first door and level 9 lock picking to open the interior door. To disable the alarms you’ll need a 9 in the sneak department. There’s a security terminal in the middle of the room that you can hack with nerd stuff 9, when you type in 1 to re-calibrate security drone targeting to protect current user, all the drones will come out and one of them will become another companion to add to your squad. There’s loot along the walls and in the northeast there’s a corpse leaned up against the wall with a Soviet Sec Pass, beside that there’s a level 10 weapon crate with a level 21 weapon. In the middle of the east wall there’s a broken toaster that yields a level 20 blunt weapon and a nuke. When you leave the security habitat through the south door you should detect some buried loot at the bottom of the ramp, this loot includes a level 21 weapon. There are 6 land mines to either avoid or disarm on your way out, return to Dee Sharp and your mission will be updated.

Since there is security pass in the command habitat and the security habitat you could go through the mine either way, but looking at the layout of each room and where the cover is I think it’s better to start at the command habitat and go through it that way.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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