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Wasteland 3 Cannibal Jamboree

Entrance to facility

Hello everybody.

I started this mission from Santa’s workshop, normally I wouldn’t show my travels back to HQ but I found a hidden structure on the way that I wanted to show. As you leave the workshop turn left, then go straight between the rock island and rock wall, the hidden structure will be on your left. I returned to Colorado Springs all the while the loot was being displayed, the weapon was a level 21 assault rifle.

Starting back at Colorado Springs take the route as if you were going to Santa’s Workshop but when you reach the meat billboard go past it on the left and through scaffold entrance. You should hear country music and as you continue a frantic call for help. The Jamboree is just around to the left.

I had no intention of working for these cannibals so I set about to take them all out. Cowboy Val will greet you at the entrance, when you tell him you’re there to investigate a call for help over the radio he’ll tell you to have a look around. The level 6 generator that’s up on the catwalk on the right that powers the 2 turrets can now be disabled without raising the alarm. Next go talk to Rollan, you’ll need persuasion 8 if you don’t want to sample the BBQ and you want to delay combat. After you tell him ”you have to work up a real appetite” he’ll give you the details of a side mission he wants you to do called Head Hunter.The reward, should you choose do the side mission, is the Purifier a level 6 flame thrower, and power armour , power amour helmet, and power armour legs. After Rollan’s job offer the level 6 generator that powers the lone turret can be disabled like the one at the entrance. With the turrets out of action the combat can now begin.

I returned to the entrance and with help from the Kodiak took out all of the cowboys. Cowboy Val displays 540 health before you attack and 729 when combat starts. There are 6 cowboys here and after my initial shot Kwon took out the 2 brawlers on the right, Lucia was unsuccessful so I put Sparky, Buckshot, and the Kodiak into ambush. Every shot of the Kodiak took out someone, and in the end it was McBane who travel a long way and took out the last cowboy.

For the cowboys in the back I spread out my squad with some down on the ground and some on both sides of the catwalk. There are 6 cowboys to begin with but after my first 3 shots there were only 3 left. Buckshot had a torrent strike available that took out one of the last 2 one the ground, that left one on the ground and one on the catwalk. At this point 4 reinforcements showed up which brought their numbers back up to five. Three of them stayed on the catwalk and two came down. Buckshot was in ambush and took the one cowboy in the middle down to half health and Simo finished him off. The Kodiak was available but couldn’t drive to the back so it was a little annoying having to go back to the Kodiak every turn. It’s good to have your squad separated because these cowboys use molotovs. The remaining 4 didn’t stand much of a chance.

The notable item in the loot ,this time around, from the cowboys is a level 21 tactical shotgun. Beside the workshop is an armour crate with a turbocharger upgrade for the Kodiak, if you have the Morningstar AI module, that’ll increase your speed on the world map by 33%. In the workshop is a set of power armour but it’s missing key components so it can’t be used. In the locker is a goat cannon, a weapon for the Kodiak and a junk goat tail. I missed the booze box beside the record player, that has a level 17 skullcap helmet.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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