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Wasteland 3 Character Creation

Simo the sniper

Hello everybody.

Since this type of game is completely new to me I just used the ready made characters at the start of the game and created new characters once I arrived at the base. I spent about a week looking at character creation and I was satisfied with the result.

At this point in the game I was allotted 8 attributes and 10 skills.The way I went about it was I looked at the recommended attributes for the 5 combat skills. For example.

The small arms skill recommends : coordination, luck, and awareness.

The big guns skill recommends: awareness, coordination, and strength.

Coordination and awareness appear in both skills but not in the same order so I think this means that they are listed in order of importance and with that in mind I divided my attributes between the 3 in the order that they were listed.

The attributes that the game recommends are as follows:

Small arms– Coordination, Luck, and Awareness.

Automatic Weapons– Coordination, Awareness, and Speed.

Big Guns- Awareness, Coordination, and Strength.

Melee– Strength, Coordination, and Speed.

Sniper– Intelligence, Coordination, and Luck.

When you create your character you’ll have to chose a background, starting weapon, attributes, skills and a quirk. There are different ways of looking at this depending on the composition of your squad, and there is a debate about awareness and intelligence, so some people don’t use awareness. You’ll have to weigh the options and choose what’s right for you.

This is what I chose for my squad.

Heavy weapons gal which can use rockets and flame throwers as well I chose as follows:

Background- Disciple of Metal .

Starting weapon- Heavy Machine Gun.

Attributes- Same as Big Guns.

Skills- Big Guns, Weird Science, Explosives.


Sniper I chose as follows:

Background- Goat Killer.

Starting weapon – sniper rifle.

Attributes – Same as Sniper.

Skills – Sniper Rifle, Sneak, and Mechanics.

Quirk – Sadomasochist.

Shot gunner:

Background – Raider Hater.

Starting weapon – shot gun.

Attributes – the same as small arms.

Skills – Small Arms, Nerd, and First Aid.

Quirk – Serial Killer.

Melee :

Background – Lethal Weapon.

Starting Weapon – Bladed Weapon.

Attributes – Same as Melee.

Skills – Melee, Lock Picking, Animal Whisperer, and Brawling that’ll be added later in the game.

When character creation is complete Sergei will have a few words to say about what to do next, when you’re done talking to Sergei Marshall Kwon will offer to join your squad and with that there’s only one other person to add to make a full squad. That has to wait till I get to Colorado Springs.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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