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The Three Robots Guarding The Films

Hello everybody.

This quest objective is in this bunker. As you can see right at the start before I enter my whole squad is down to half health, this is because I forgot to equip the new chassis onto the Kodiak before I left HQ. I’m a little surprised I even made it to the bunker.

The first and second doors requires nerd stuff 4, or as with pretty much any door it can be broken. There are 4 sawpups and 2 stationary laser turrets, one in each corner. I positioned most of my squad in the room on the left but it might be better to put everybody there, you’ll be out of range of the turrets and any sawpups that are on the far side of the room. If you take out the sawpups that are in range and then end your turn the sawpups that were out of range will travel to your position and most likely be out of AP which means you’ll be able to take them out, depending how many there are. The laser turrets can be taken out one at a time pretty easily. In the room on the left besides the safe and loot boxes is the first of 4 electrical disconnect switches that controls laser beams at the entrance to the theater.

In the main room is a generator to be repaired that’ll open the door that’s across from where you can in. There’s also a toaster to be repaired although it doesn’t yield anything fantastic. Traveling down the halls you’ll encounter trip wires and land mines, therefore it’s good to have one member of your squad who has explosives 5. Going through the door controlled by the generator leads to a room with 4 bomb hoppers, loot boxes and the second switch for the theater entrance lasers.

Back in the main room the door on the right of where you came in leads down to a room with a sawdog and three doors. The doors are opened by hacking the computers, nerd stuff 5. I did the same thing here as at the beginning, I positioned some of my squad in the room on the left and as it turned out the sawdog stayed in the main room. The 3rd switch is in this room.

The last switch is back in the room where the sawdog was. The door that’s across from the stairs leads down to a dead end with some loot. The door on the right of the stairs leads you down to the theater where the main battle takes place.

There are 2 drilldogs and 1 shockdog. I found that if you stay close to the back of the seats the shock dog is less likely to hit you with any shots. I focused on the shockdog first because if it does hit you you wont last long. I got lucky with the shockdog when Lucia shot it’s cpu and turned it into an ally . I was right about the turret I thew down, one drilldog attacked it instead of my squad and was weakened considerably by the turret and the shockdog so I was able to finished it off without too much trouble. The remaining drill dog moved to my position and at one point put Buckshot down with just 2 strikes. It was Lucia that shot the cpu again and turned this one also into an ally so that was it for that. Down at the front there’s a duffel bag with a creepy doll that gives your whole squad +1 penetration, the movie reels, and a large container with some plating for the Kodiak, an upgrade shotgun in my case and some other good armour mods.

All that’s left now is to travel back to the Bizarre and hand over the reels to Eidilon, you’ll earn $ 285.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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