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Wasteland 3 Coded Transmissions conclusion

One of the main threats in the garage

Hello everybody.

The last area in this mission is the garage and communications room which is in the far left corner. The robots you’ll have to defeat are 3 Octotrons, 1 Discobot, 1 Synth, 1 Scropitron , and 2 Fusion Turrets. The Synth, Dos-Teh-Seh, in this group is the last Synth on Gary Wolfe’s list, so when you open the garage door that’s who you’ll be talking to. The conversation with the Synth will always end in combat even if you wish them luck and try to leave.

I chose not to have McBane or the Razorback beast take part in the combat because the Razorback will attack the Scorpitron and then be in the way of the rockets that Sparky uses, so I set up the rest of my squad in the doorway before the garage door and used McBane to do the talking. When the talking was over I retreated McBane far enough back that the Razorback wouldn’t take part in the combat. I then put everybody else into ambush which will cause the Synth and other robots to advance to your position. You don’t know how ambush will go but usually it’s worth while and in this case 2 of the Octotrons were taken out trying to advance. I should’ve moved over one with my sniper to get a better shot at the Synth, if it wasn’t for the lucky extra shot that I got I wouldn’t have done any damage. All of the mobile units and the Synth were out of action on my first turn with Buckshot not even needed.

Now you can advance into the garage, you’ll be safe in the left corner that’s out of range of the turrets and the Scorpitron, at first. I had 2 squad members who could reach the Scropitron so that’s who I used until it advanced ,always ready with my other members in ambush. I ended up having 2 rounds of shots before the Scorpitron moved up. I had used smoke but by the time the Scorpitron moved up it was starting to dissipate and Lucia and Simo went down. I still had Kwon, Sparky, and Buckshot so they finished taking the Scorpitron down.

I got lucky with the turret that was closest and took it out with one sniper shot. I used smoke to try to conceal my squad as I moved in on the other turret, I guess it helped because only Buckshot went down. It took 3 squad members to take it out ,with my sniper surprisingly having the range to take the last shot.

As for loot, there’s some buried inside the door of the caved in room on the left of the garage. There’s 2 containers along the left wall, one has a hood ornament and the other has the Rad Shield which is an upgrade for the Kodiak that once installed allows you to explore the radio active areas, like the one in the area of the massacre site. By the table where the Synth was working there are 2 lockers, included in the loot is the Nerd Stuff skill book and the Magneto Cannon weapon for the Kodiak. Don’t forget to collect the loot from the bots for the head of the Synth for Gary, it will also include some ammo and some kind of weapon.

Inside the communications room there’s a grenade box and medical crate, beware of the medical crate though, it’s rigged to explode. To finish the mission interact with the computer and disable the transmitter.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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