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Wasteland 3 Coded Transmissions part 1

Entrance to the energy building

Hello everybody.

The building where this mission takes place is northeast of Santa’s Workshop which is the farthest north I’ve traveled so far. Starting from Colorado Springs on the world map take the route as if you were going to Santa’s Workshop, when get to the point where you can see the entrance turn right, at the coffin cigarettes billboard, and go up the hill. When up reach the top of the hill you should get a call from HQ about radio chatter they are picking up that’s jamming the airwaves. The location will be marked on your map after the radio message and is just up to the right.

At the entrance to the facility there is a razorback beast and a dear for you to tame if you want a companion. There are 2 doors at the entrance, the one on the left is the security station that has a storage room in the back. The computer, once hacked, will open the storage room door. Half way into the storage is a trip wire, at the end of the room is a grenade box and an armour crate. If you have the skill points for picking the door and hacking the computer, you should do both, pick the door first and then hack the computer. You’ll get XP points for the computer even though the door is open. You’ll need lock picking 9 and nerd stuff 7 to do both.

The door on the right leads to the rest of the facility. The first room has a computer to hack, nerd stuff 6, that will open the door. Just on the other side of the door is a tripwire, to the right of that is the break room, or in other english speaking countries the lunch room. There are 2 Octotrons and 2 killer robots patrolling this area. I didn’t go any further than the tripwire I setup around the desks and initiated the combat with a one shot kill with my sniper on one of the killers. After that I put the rest of my squad into ambush. The ambush option is pretty powerful so I try to use it whenever I can. The 2 Octotrons advanced all the way to my position and after my ambush shots they were both down to less that 1/4 health so Mcbane was able to take both of them out. The one remaining killer was taken out by Kwon. That riffle PDW-01 that you can get from the Massacre site is proving to be very good. When you are collecting the loot in this area beware of the land mines, especially the poison one that’s on the right side of the entrance to the lunch room and the other one to watch for is in the second closet. There’s loot in both closets.

The next area is called the Laboratory and it has 2 entrances. To the right of the right entrance there ‘s section of wall that’s broken where there’s some buried loot that includes Nervous Nancy a creepy doll that grants all squad members +.5 seconds of detection time.

In the laboratory there are 3 killers, 1 fusion turret and 1 Octotron. I positioned most of my squad around the area of the right door with only Simo and McBane at the left. I took out the turret with a one shot kill from Simo and that initiated combat. Once again I put the rest of my squad into ambush. This time only the Octotron advanced to the left door so between the ambush and regular strike of McBane and the attacks from the Razorback beast he was put out of action. The killers stayed in the lab, which was good, Kwon took out one and Simo and Lucia took out the other one. I didn’t see the 3rd killer at the bottom of the stairs and Kwon , who I had moved before , was in the doorway beside the killer. Lucia had just killed what I thought was the last killer was in the middle of the doorway exposed , so I moved her back out of the lab but she was still in the line of fire and when the killer shot, down she went but missed McBane and now Kwon was right there in front of the killer. With Kwons 2 rounds of shots the killer was down to just 30 health and all it took was one strike from McBane to take it out. As for loot there’s a container and an armour crate on the elevated section at the right side of the lab in the corner.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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