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Wasteland 3 Disappeared

The Disappeared Women

Hello everybody.

This mission becomes available when you talk to Betsy who is standing to the left of the entrance to the control room at Ranger HQ. She and her girls have family that were arrested and sent to a labor camp and they want you find out where the camp is. The only clue they give you is the name Frank Pappas.

After the conversation ends Marshal Kwon tells you that Frank’s taken his retirement at the Sans Luxe Apartments, so travel to Colorado Springs and go to the Sans Luxe . Franks apartment, number 2, is straight across from the entrance. There’s a few options on how to get Frank to talk, basically you could bribe him with $400, or you could intimidate him, or do what I did and offer him a job at Ranger HQ. This option also has the benefit of a perk you’ll learn. When your conversation is over Frank will mark the location of the camp on your map.

If you want to learn the perk right away, and you should, go back to Ranger HQ and talk to Frank who is instructing a group of recruits to the right of the garage entrance. He’ll tell you his 5 rules of training after witch you’ll learn the Marshal Training perk that’s worth + 2M on your leadership radius.

The work camp is located in Paint Mines, so head over to the Kodiak and onto the world map. From your starting point at Colorado Springs go down to the main road and turn left, stay on the road until you see a bill board ” Findley Tek ” on your left, turn right after the broken highway sign, you should see light red rocks on your left. Follow the rocks around to the left until you arrive at the entrance.

Beware of land mines and tripwires they both require explosives 7 to disarm and follow the path up to the cave. Inside you’ll find 2 people, Wind That Tangles and Nikki. You only have 2 choices here. First if you let them go and leave the cave Betsy and the girls will roll up in their truck and ask if he’s dead. Trying to defend the couple in the cave won’t work so you’ll have to fight Betsy to keep them alive. To get the most out of the mission you’ll have to do what I did in the video. I tried to arrest them but they wouldn’t agree so I had to kill them. The armour crate will have some kind of fairly high level armour, this time it was level 20 Commando Legs.

There’s another entrance to the cave to the left of the one you came in. Exit through the second entrance and follow the path to the top of the hill, There will be 1 tripwire this time explosives 6 is required. As you exit the cave you’ll hear the beasts down below, there are 6 in total. I positioned my squad at the top of the hill and after my initial shot that started combat I put the rest of my squad into ambush and waited till the beasts advanced on my position. After my initial and ambush shots I was left with 4 beasts to deal with. The only problem I had was with my sniper being too close after the beasts advanced, other than that combat went well.

There is an antennae, that requires mechanics 6, to be repaired on top to the hill. When it’s repaired you’ll have to leave one person there and go to the RV with another. You will hear Morse code signals and although it doesn’t have any bearing on the outcome of the game the message is as follows: “Report on ranger arrival monitor only do not engage plan unchange im a blue copy” I give credit to Chobi83 on Reddit for decoding .

The pile of junk beside the RV, besides the other loot has a pair of Exoskeleton legs. The toaster repair yields a gold infused mica sheeting worth $1000. The pile of junk on the way out had a level 13 pistol . As you arrive back at the Kodiak Betsy and the girls show up to find out if he’s dead so they obviously knew who was in the cave and since he was dead the mission comes to an end. You’ll get some sort of weapon, some ammo, the nitro ray weapon for the Kodiak, and I got $456 even though the mission was supposed to pay $400.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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