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Santa’s work shop

Hello everybody.

This is one of the side mission on the way to Aspen. Santa’s work shop is located north west of Colorado Springs. The turn off is the next right after Colorado Springs entrance, when you are traveling west. Continue up the hill keeping to the right, at one point Colorado Springs should come into view down below. Follow the road until you get to a meat billboard and hang a right, follow the road north until you get a radio message from HQ, after the message Santa’s Workshop will be marked on your map and will be a short distance through the candy cane posts.

You’ll be greeted by Santa as you enter the workshop, after your brief conversation talk to Sugarplum Mary, she doesn’t want to talk with Santa present so she’ll tell you to tell Santa that there are cookies in the kitchen. Santa can’t refuse fresh cookies and goes into the kitchen to get some. With Santa in the kitchen Mary feels free to tell you that everyone working in the workshop are slaves producing a terrible drug called brain candy, she also says you can find the recipe in a shack out back. Santa returns ending your conversation with Mary. You can now search the workshop for loot, there’s a couple of things in the kitchen and a couple in the room on the left which requires 8 lock picking and although Santa says ” that room is elves only” he won’t stop you.

There’s a door on the right wall of the workshop that leads outside, at the end of the short path is some buried loot and to the left of that a tunnel to the backyard. The first obstacle is 4 poison frogs, the light green one has much higher health than the others. After my initial shot I put everybody else into ambush. It took a full turn to take out the high health and one of the another frogs , the two remaining went down without too much trouble. There are a couple of buried loot is this area.

Follow the path that goes between buildings and enter the building on your right. Inside is a container requiring lock picking 9, inside is the recipe for brain candy, in the last room on the right is a container that has a pair of level 25 leg armour.

Go back outside and into the building on the right, there’s a grenade box with 1 grenade and the schematics for the Jingle All The Way computer system. The last area is patrolled by 3 razor back beasts and 2 Spiked Growlers. I got caught setting up my squad and ended up on the defensive for my first turn, not the best way to start,but I still managed to take them all out. There are 2 buried locations in the area at the end of the building and 1 behind around to the right. The loot behind the building has among other things a level 17 assault rifle. Return to the workshop. Just before I entered the workshop I looked at the stats for the Neutralizer Auto Shotgun I got from Zero Pricely and although it has slightly lower damage it has a penetration of 99%, so that will probably be good once I get my small arms up to 10.

Back inside the workshop you could confront Santa with the recipe you found but unless your going into business with him I wouldn’t do it, Santa has 2 octotrons , 2 killers , and 1 other robot around him so you are not likely to survive if you take him on here. I ignored Santa and went into the room with all of the Elves and staged my fight form there. I stationed all but 2 in the corner where the killer robots couldn’t shoot them. My sniper and Buckshot I stationed at the computer, I upgraded Buckshots nerd skills to 8 to kill the active naughty process on the server but I didn’t have to because of the Jingle All The Way schematics that were in the building out back which would’ve done the same thing. With the naughty list now stopped I initiated combat with Simo and started to work on the killer robots, I got an extra lucky shot which finished one of the killers off. Buckshot and Simo were left exposed to the remaining killer who took them out with the 2 shots that it had. Although the other guys were protected in the corner at the same thing they didn’t have good shots at Santa and the other killer so I had to move out. Only Simo stayed down but he did take out one of the killers at the start which helped a lot. When the combat is over you’ll have the choice to either let the Elves go,don’t get involved, or make them keep working and send the brain candy to HQ. The only option for me was to let them go.

After you collect the loot you’ll have the workshop key for the front room, inside there’s 1 drug stash, 1 container with some cash, 1 locker with a level 1 sniper rifle, and an armour crate with a level 20 helmet.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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