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Wasteland 3 From The Start to The Patriarch introduction

Soon to be the late Jarett Dorsey

Hello everybody.

This is the first video of the game Wasteland 3. I don’t usually play this type of game so it’ll be a new experience for me and I’m sure there will be a learning curve to negotiate.

I selected the first set of companions to get me through the first part of the game to the ranger HQ. In the first fight you’ll be portioned behind some cover and you shouldn’t have to travel away from there to get shots at the enemy. All the friendlies will die except for Maj. Vera Prasad who will eventually get the big gun on top of the vehicle working. That will take care of the warbot and the 3 Dorsies around it. There should only be 1 left to deal with.

After the fight you’ll have to meet the Major on top to the dam. Before you leave collect the loot, in this game you’ll be able to collect all of the loot from one location unless it’s an ammo, armour, container,or medical crate.

Follow your mini map toward the question mark. Private Jodi Bell was captured and is being questioned by a Dorsey stalker. If you try to fight the stalker Jodi will end up dead, so I used the Hard Ass line and that worked. When you ask her if anyone survived she’ll tell you that Major Tom is out there somewhere.

In the next area there will be at least 6 Dorsey’s who after they kill the 2 rangers will take up positions behind cover. You can enter the area without alerting anyone so I positioned Spence and Yuri behind the cover that is ahead and to your left as you enter the area, Spence at the left end of the cover and Yuri at the right. My plan was to use Spence to shoot the oil tank because she doesn’t have a very long range but I had Yuri selected and he shot the tank. I guess it didn’t make any difference in this case but you have to be aware of who is selected. All of the enemies are down below except one that’s behind you. You should be able to get all of the Dorsey’s down below from behind your cover and only have to move to take care of the one behind you. All of the loot can be collected in one stop.

Moving on you reach the bottom of the dam, but just before there is a medical crate and a container. When you collected the loot up above it should have included a key for the container which has 2 grenades in it.

As you move across the bottom of the dam you’ll reach an area that’s patrolled by a turret and a warbot. There is a computer console there and if you had Nerd Stuff 1 I think you could hack the turret so that it attacks the warbot. If you don’t have Nerd Stuff you can still disable the turret and as long as you stay out of the warbots red circle you’ll be able to run by. Past the warbot is a gate,that has to be powered, at the bottom of a set of stairs that lead to the top of the dam. Collect all the loot as you go and take a health if needed before you open the door. When you do you’ll run up onto the top of the dam and a cut scene will play. The cut scene is ended when the Major shoots Jarett and combat starts.

I used Spence to shot the 2 oil takes one in front and one on the right, that weakened the 2 Dorseys on the right. I tried to stay behind cover on the left. It’s never a good idea to stand in the open like I did with Yuri, luckily the Major shot the last Dorsey and ended the combat. In case you are wondering when you don’t have enough AP to shoot you can you can select the shield to go into a defensive stance or if you are not in any imminent danger you can select the hour glass to carry forward up to 2 AP points(action points).

There are boxes of loot on top of the dam so collect and them and then talk to the Major. When you’re done with the Major she succumbs to her injuries. Loot her to get her armour and another riffle. There’s a couple of boxes in the building on the left, across from that is a weapon crate and Major Tom, who is actually a cat, sitting on a raised slab of concrete. To get him down use the cigarettes that Jodi gave you when you freed her. Now all that’s left is to continue on till you reach the Kodiak and that will bring you to Ranger HQ to meet the Patriarch.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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