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Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice conclusion

The Leader Of The Dorsey Gang

Hello everybody.

Nelius Dorsey’s cabin is in the northwest corner of the resort. The open courtyard on the other side of the gates is Nelius’s last defense and you’ll have to fight your way past. In the courtyard there are 6 Dorsey’s, 2 Bloodbeasts, 1 Warbot, and 2 turrets.

The Kodiak is your best weapon so you should have someone in your squad to keep it repaired. The Warbot should be taken out first, then the Dorsey with the rocket launcher. At the beginning of combat I used the ambush option to get most of the Dorsey’s and the 2 Bloodbeasts to advance to my position. The Kodiak can be used to run over enemies and this is what I did to one of the attackers. I also used the Kodiak to take out the 2 snipers on the scaffolding at the far end of the courtyard.

When there were just the turrets left I focused on the Heavy Cannon Turret on the right first and I got lucky with Kwon and McBane when they traveled up there, they both had full AP, and McBane was able to strike it a few times and Kwon finished it off. For the Heavy Machine Gun turret on the other side I could’ve just used the Kodiak, and it would’ve taken it out but it missed one shot, but since that’s the way forward I started to advance my squad and it was Kwon, McBane , and Lucia that finished the it off.

Besides the look you get from the Dorsey’s there is an armour crate, a grenade box.

When you enter the cabin a conversation with Nelius will begin, in the end you’ll have 3 choices, you can have the Rangers sentence him to death, you can let Lucia shoot him or you can try to talk reason to him. Which ever choice you make, they all lead to the death of Nelius. A new mission becomes available, Daddy’s Little Secret.

The loot in the cabin includes the Dorsey Family Sword from Nelius, a weapon of some kind and miscellaneous items from the large container, armour of some sort from the armour crate, and a weapon of some sort from the safe. I got a level 21 minigun which is pretty good, so you could quick safe before you enter the cabin and do it over again if you don’t like what you got.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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