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Wasteland 3 Frontier Justice part 1

Snowed Inn Resort

Hello everybody.

This mission takes place in the Snowed Inn Resort which is located south west of the Cannibal Jamboree, so make your way to the Jamboree, drive past and through the scaffold entrance. Up ahead there’s a radio tower, keep it on your right and drive through the narrow section in the rocks. When the rocks open up keep right and the Inn will be a short distance around to the right.

The Inn consists of a cabins to your left and right, an open area on the other side of the gates and another cabin in the back. There is a growler cub down a path to the rear and left of the Kodiak, if it’s the same as the one in the Massacre site then you’ll need Animal Whisperer 10 to tame it, there’s also some buried snowball loot down there.

In front of the Kodiak there’s a path on the left that leads to one of the cabins. There’s 2 containers on the way, one is guarded by a land mine, both had cash in them. There is an alarm at the bottom of the stairs to the cabin that has to be disarmed if you want to arrive unannounced. There are 5 Dorsey’s to deal with and I didn’t have a good start ending up on the defensive on my first. In the end it was McBane that took out 3 of the 5 Dorsey’s. Among the loot from the Dorsey’s is the MELEE COMBAT SKILL BOOK . When you read this book make sure you have your melee character selected. There’s also 2 containers with cash, 2 ammo boxes and one medical crate. The switch to open the inner gate is on the wall of the first room on the right.

The cabin on the other side has 1 Dorsey on the balcony and 1 Dorsey outside along with 4 Blood Beasts. For most of this combat I stayed at the top of the stairs. I initiated combat with my sniper trying to take out the Dorsey on the balcony, combat started by I had missed. For some reason when combat starts the Dorsey on the ground starts attacking the Blood Beasts, so I put my squad into ambush and waited till the beasts came to me. Ambush is a game charger most of the time, I love it.

The Creepy Doll Zen Zoey is buried straight ahead next to the rocks. This doll grants all squad members +2% hit chance. Inside the second cabin there’s the switch for the outer gate, 2 ammo boxes, 1 medical crate, 1 container with some cash, 1 booze box and a broken toaster that yields The Owl Of Minerva.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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