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Wasteland 3 Garden Of The gods

Photon Amplification Lens at work

Hello everybody.

The garden entrance is to the left of the night club and you’ll have to talk to Marshal Lupinski before you can enter.

As soon as you enter the garden notice the electrical disconnect on your right, when you turn it on it will melt the snow and reveal a container, collect the loot and move forward. A cut scene will start and if you want to save Bellamy Ward you have to continue forward until they stop you, now unless you meet one of the requirements you won’t be able to talk your way past, so choose attack and you’ll get the first turn. You’ll want to get all of your squad as close to the combat area as possible. In my case I ran ahead and the rest of my squad lagged behind so I ended up with only Buckshot close enough to take a shot. Keep in mind though that the Dorsey’s will move up whenever you are in combat so even if you’re not close enough it’s still better to move up and get behind cover. I always choose defend except sometimes with my sniper if I’m out of range I’ll pick prepare and carry forward up to 2 ap points. Talking to Bellamy you learn of the photon amplification lens that will help you later.There are 4 loot boxes and 1 pile of loot. Some of it up where Bellamy is and the rest around the combat area as well as the loot form the Dorsey’s.

Just up ahead on the right is Bellamy’s work shop , it’s protected by 3 land mines so it helps to have someone in the squad that can disarm them. Fixing the generator will open the door. Inside the locker that you have to pick is a weapon and a skill book that increases your brawling skill by 1. Getting into the safe is a 2 person job, one has to stand on the little platform while someone else accesses the computer, as far as I know you’ll need nerd stuff 3 get to the point where the computer opens the safe. It’s worth it though because you’ll get a grenade, rocket launcher and rockets.

Down the road a bit on the left a secret passage will open up, go through the tunnel, this will bring you around all of the Dorsey’s and up to the photon machine. Just inside the entrance is a pile of loot on the ground, this time there’s a doll that grants all members perception +1. In the opening there are 3 waste wolves. Since my sniper Simo and Kwan both had sneak 3 I was able to move them up on the hill and get the wolves in a cross fire. It’s easier to fight the wolves than go the other way and fight the Dorsey’s. Once the wolves are taken care of move everybody to the top of the hill overlooking the Dorsey’s. Access the photon machine and increase the collection amount to the highest level and activate. This will deal damage for you once or twice per turn. For this combat there is no need for anyone to travel down the ramp, you’ll get burnt by the photon machine if you do. Now go down and collect all the loot and examine the burning pit.

You’ll find Isaac Reed and friends at the top of the hill and you’ll have to decide what to do with them. The difference between the marshals and sending a team is where they will be incarcerated either with sheriff Daisy or back at HQ.

Once you enter Colorado Springs again Lucia questions your decision, assuming you didn’t kill him, and you’ll have to decide if you want keep her in your squad.

The quest is completed when you go back to the Marshall’s station and talk to sheriff Daisy. You’ll receive Merc armour, your reputation will go up and Hope Emerson will go and work in the brig back at HQ.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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