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Wasteland 3 Gideon Reyes

Gideon Reyes in the church in Broadmoor heights

Hello everybody.

Talking to Gideon starts the ” Unwelcome Guests ” quest.

The loot in the church is all in the room on the right as you enter, the switch to power the door is on the wall on the left. If you want the loot in the ” Hidden Treasure ” you’ll have to reboot the robot by either nerd 3 or mechanics 4, you won’t find it without the robot. The guard outside will try to stop you but all you have to do is pick the dialogue option ” Lucia, you’re a Wesson….” and then ” Are you going to stop Miss Wesson….” The robot will lead you to the Wesson house.

Inside the house there are 5 loot boxes, 2 weapon crates, a broken toaster, and a safe.

This is just to get to quest started and collect some weapons and loot before heading into the Bizarre.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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