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Wasteland 3 gods And Clowns Conclusion

Taking a call from Lecherito

Hello everybody.

There is only one ramp up and down to the top level of the wind farm, on the north side there is a ramp that leads down to an area with a grenade box, booze box, some buried loot, and a pile of junk beside the broken windmill motor that I missed. There are 7 godfishers, and 2 beasts, Cuddles The Bear, and Spikey Steve.

A good way to initiate combat is to shoot the explosive barrels that are around the middle of the area. There are 2 godfishers and Spikey Steve in close proximity that will either be taken out or sustain considerable damage. In my case one godfisher went down and damaged the other godfisher and Spikey Steve. Shooting the barrel only takes 3 AP so it left my sniper enough AP to deploy a turret. Once again I used the ambush tactic which put down another godfisher. The 2 beast weren’t much of a problem, they took so much damage before them moved closer that they were only one shot away from being taken out. There are 2 godfishers on the east side that don’t advance so I had to move to get into range. By the time my turn was over there was only one godfisher left and he was down to 47 health. The turret that I deployed finished him off.

Along the east side of the area there is a level 10 armour crate protected by 5 land mines, inside the crate is a creepy doll Angry Aaron that grants all squad members +5% crit resistance and some level 24 armour. To the right of that is a couple of ammo boxes and to the far right there is a level 6 large container that had a little bit of everything including a level 21 weapon.

Along the south edge next to the railing is a godfisher kite anchored to the ground. When you pull down Cucaracha’s corpse the mission will be updated which allows you to use the radio back a meat clown to tell Lecherito about Cucaracha. On the way back I collected the loot that I overlooked on the way in. When you arrive at meat clown a radio call will come in from Lecherito calling for Risky. When you tell him about Cuacracha that will ignite the fight between the clowns and the godfishers completing the side mission. Exit the area and you will see the last of the clowns and godfishers take each other out.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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