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Wasteland 3 gods And Clowns first group of godfishers

Hello everybody.

As you leave the area where the small arms skill book was and go down the ramp there’s another ramp to your right, that area is occupied by 4 waste worms and 1 waste worm queen. The loot up there includes an armour mod, some scrap, and an engineers pre-war recording of the soil analysis stating that the windmill pilings should have been 30 feet deeper.

In the B.B.Q. area next to the radio there is a level 9 broken toaster. Repairing it will return a toaster helmet that gives you amour +4. On the road behind the B.B.Q there are 2 piles of junk, I missed the second one that’s at the edge of the road.

The first group of godfishers is at the end of the road on the left. The godfishers are positioned at the top of the ramp and there are 8 of them all together. I positioned most of my squad around the rocks and stumps on the right side of the ramp with the aim of being out of range of their watchers. I initiated combat with Simo who took out one of the watchers after which I put the rest of my squad into ambush. As it turned out I wasn’t out of range at all and Lucia and Simo both went down with one shot. At one point Sparky had a torrent strike that took out 2 of them at the same time. I missed an opportunity with McBane who had a thunder strike available that I didn’t use that probably would have taken out the melee character he was attacking. All in all the right side was a good place to stage my attack from as opposed to the left side which is more in front of them. Again I missed the pile of junk that was in front, by the tree.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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