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Wasteland 3 gods And Clowns second group of godfishers

Hello everybody.

In the area where the first group was there are 2 ramps. The ramp on the left leads to an area with a level 8 grenade box and another ramp with a level 1 tripwire that leads up to where the second group of godfishers are. The ramp on the right leads up to an area where there’s a medical crate, 3 ammo boxes, and a ramp that leads up to where the second group is. This ramp is protected by 4 gas grenades and a level 10 tripwire at the top of the ramp. You could just collect the loot on the right and go up the left, however if you’re going to setup in that area you’ll have to be careful not to set it off accidentally. It’s just before to disarm it.

There are 6 godfishers patrolling this part of the wind farm. I positioned Simo and McBane on the ramp that leads to top of the wind farm and left the rest of my squad down around the stumps in the south east corner. I initiated combat with Simo taking a shot at a watcher, but a better way would have been to shoot the explosive barrel that was in the middle the godfishers. That way you’ll damage multiple godfishers instead of possible taking out just one, and after shooting the barrel my sniper still had 5 AP enough to deploy a turret.

My first shot missed and my ambush shots didn’t take any of them out. The group that I had in the south east corner took most of the damage from all of their melee characters, but with 4 in the group there was always someone to revive downed members. Simo and McBane were left unharmed on the ramp and took out a keeper and a watcher. Whatever strategy you use you should come out on top. The loot in the area includes 1 drug stash, a level 10 safe that had a level 21 weapon and a weapon mod in it, a level 9 weapon crate that had a level 21 weapon and some ammo, and a couple of ammo boxes.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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