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Wasteland 3 gods and Clowns second group of payasos and small arms skill book

Hello everybody.

The second, and last, group of clowns are in the godfisher wind farm. The travel point is south of where you encountered the first group of clowns. Just south of the travel point on the wind farm side Risky Briskett is running a clown burger B.B.Q. with 4 other clowns. If you have 9 in the kiss department you can talk your way past by saying that you already had a burger yesterday. Risky won’t believe you and ask you what you felt like after, answer funny and she’ll let you pass. The other option is to eat a burger, but if you do you’ll be poisoned for 7200 seconds and you’ll have to use antidote to decontaminate your squad. The last option is to take them all out which is what I did. With combat in mind I positioned my squad just outside of the entrance and had McBane do the talking. When combat begins you’ll be on the offensive. I started to work on Risky first and after Simo, McBane, and Lucia took their shots she was down. I now put the rest of my squad into ambush and let the clowns advance. When there was one clown left I started to advance my squad and a turn later the clown was down.

Next I went after the small arms skill book which is down the ramp to the left of the B.B.Q. and up the ramp on the left, you’ll know it’s the right ramp if there are drools, Bile Bombers and one lost soul. I positioned my squad at the bottom of the ramp and initiated combat with Simo at the top of the ramp. I tried to stay as far away as I could and make them travel to me and do damage with the ambush which did what I expected, there were 6 beasts all together. Simo went down right away while I fought from the bottom of the ramp. The lost soul did a lot of damage and the one Bile Bomber that got to the bottom of the ramp poisoned my squad when it was killed. The lost soul luckily was taken out by the saw pup that Simo deployed, other wise I would have sustained much more damage. As it was most of my squad needed medical attention, even my razor back was down to about half health ,and I had to use a nitro spike to revive Simo.

The area that was occupied by the drools has 2 ramps at the back. You want to go up the right ramp, you’ll need explosives 10 to disarm the trip wire. There is one drug stash, one booze box, and one weapon crate. The weapon crate contains the level 24 Retirer Pistol and the small arms skill book along with some ammo.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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